Sheep Happens игра:

1 Игрок, Препятствия, Бег, Прыжки, Бесплатные игры, Unity3D игры, Экстремальный спорт, Kongregate, Unity Web Player | (32.5 MB) Дата добавлена 07 Jan 2014
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You will play as a very goofy looking Roman soldier running against other very unique and wildy diverse competitors. The object is to collect as many coins as you run so that you can use them to purchase upgrades and power ups from the wacky merchant. Your ultimate goal is not not hit any hurdles or do anything that would cause you to fall down and stop running. You can also jump on the back of sheep and saddle up and they will guard you from a mistake of falling or crashing into a hurdle thus allowing you to continue running.


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Sheep Happens
Sheep Happens
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