Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem игра:

1 Игрок, Стрелялки, Экшн, Побить всех, Горизонтальная прокрутка, Меч, Монстры, Бесплатные игры, Unity3D игры | (18 MB) Дата добавлена 03 Mar 2014
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Monsters are coming! You have to kill them all! Everyone knows the rules – kill or die hard. Become a professional monster killer!

The monster apocalypse has come and you are one of the survivors. The world has been infected with monsters and your only task is to stop this major breakout. The world needs a hero like you more than ever. Summon your inner monster terminator! Choose any weapon that comes across and shoot them, stab them, blow them up, burn them down to the ground with the truck or launch that bloody monster high above the sky!! Let the monster mania begin! Don’t have mercy on them because they won’t have any on you. This is one of those games that will become your new favorite time killer.

This unique shooter game offers you plenty of excitement on twelve different levels. Each level is harder than the last, and each one with a new monster in the company of the monsters from the previous levels. The last mission is an endless monster swarm where you have to shoot all the evil creatures that are in the game and survive for as long as possible! Isn’t this exciting? Play now one of the best monster killing games there is!

Как играть:

Use "A" and "D" or "⇐" and "⇒" to move left or right
Walk trough the boxes to collect weapons
Hi "space" to shoot the monsters
Use "Q", "E" or "↑" to swap weapons
Use "C","V","B" or "1","2","3" for different boosters
Use "esc" or "P" for pause


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Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem
Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem
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