Slenderman Winter Edition игра:

1 Игрок, Флеш, Мяч, Снег, Погоня, Серии, Собирание, 3D, Страшилки, Хэллоуин, Бесплатные игры, Адреналин | (9.51 MB) Дата добавлена 25 Oct 2017
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You are lost in a deep forest ... again, with that strange feeling of being watched? Who knows, maybe that's not just a feeling. Maybe out there is a faceless tall pale creature, hiding behind the trees, waiting for you to come along, for the last time, probably. Some people are never to be found, no matter how hard others try to find them. Once they disappear, they never show up again. Like they have vanished from the face of the Earth. Slender-man might be the answer to this, at least, in same cases.What appears to be a child's play, such as this collecting of balls, scattered all over the woods, in this cold winter's night - turned into a dangerous game of life and death. You still need to collect those balls, but try do it in a timely manner and quietly. You don't want to wake up the monster, right. And if you do .. run. Just run and don't look back. This time we play SlenderMan:Winter Edition;

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Slenderman Winter Edition
Slenderman Winter Edition
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